Statement of the Lithuanian Association for Analytical Psychology (LAAP) Regarding the War in Ukraine

5 March 2022

Statement of the Lithuanian Association for Analytical Psychology (LAAP) Regarding the War in Ukraine

We have been following the situation in Ukraine with great anxiety and concern. We condemn the bloody actions of the war Russia has started against Ukraine. The violence committed by the Putin regime against the people of the sovereign state cannot be tolerated and it has to be stopped by resolute action.
We support the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people. We feel inspired by their courage, determination and strength in defending the independence of their country and in enduring the inhuman living conditions in full swing of war. Whenever possible we continue our collaboration with the Ukrainian colleagues and provide them with the moral and psychological support in this time of hardship, and we will continue doing that.

We hope and believe that evil will be stopped, and consciousness will prevail.

The President and members of the LAAP

In December 1916, in his preface to The Psychology of the Unconscious Processes, Jung wrote: ”The psychological processes, which accompany the present war, above all the incredible brutalization of public opinion, the mutual slandering, the unprecedented fury of destruction, the monstrous flood of lies, and man’s incapacity to call a halt to the bloody demon – are suited like nothing else to powerfully push in front of the eyes of thinking men the problem of the restlessly slumbering chaotic unconscious under the ordered world of consciousness. This war has pitilessly revealed to civilized man that he is still barbarian… But the psychology of the individual corresponds to the psychology of the nation. What the nation does is done also by each individual, and so long as the individual does it, the nation also does it. Only the change in the attitude of the individual is the beginning of the change in the psychology of the nation” (CW7, p. 4) (in Red Book, p. 200)