Ginta Teivane

Jung analyst, psychotherapy specialist.

Note that inspires:

“Nothing is forever fixed, fixed and numb. That is why it is so good to explore again and again the ways and means of meeting, seeing, listening, discovering yourself and others…”

Academic education:

1994. - 1997.

Master's degree in psychology; qualification: clinical psychologist; University of Latvia, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

1989. - 1990.

Education in age and professional psychology; qualification: Practical psychologist; Leningrad State University

1978. - 1983.

Master's degree in philosophy; qualification: philosopher, lecturer

Vocational education:

2011. - 2015.

Training in Young's analytical psychology, qualification: Young's analyst; Lithuanian Center for Practical Psychology Studies

2005. - 2011.

Training in Jung's analytical psychology; qualification: Jung's analytical psychotherapist; Lithuanian Center for Practical Psychology Studies


Training in group leadership for the children's emotional education program

2002. - 2003.

Education in psychodynamic counseling; qualification: Practice consultant, University of Latvia Institute of Medicine. (Diploma - Institute of Education)

1997. – 1998.

Training program in psychodrama, sociometry, group therapy; qualification: assistant level in group management, psychodrama and sociometry

Areas of work:

Individual and group psychotherapy, support groups; counseling and psychotherapy for children, adolescents, adults; management of the parent training program “Child's emotional upbringing”; relaxation techniques, autogenic training.


Work experience in the work of a psychologist, psychotherapist 30 years.