Conference Programme

11 May Friday

12 00 - 12 30 Opening of the Conference
(IAAP President Marianne Müller, Prorector of Vilnius University Prof. Rimantas Jankauskas, President of LAAP Goda Rukšaitė )
12 30 – 14 00 Moderator: Marianne Müller
(IAAP President) Prof. Joe Cambray (Pacifica Graduate Institute, USA) Depth Psychological Research for the 21st Century: Some New Opportunities and Challenges
Dr. Murray Stein (ISAP, Switzerland) Deepening the Narrative: “A Harsh and Bitter Drink”
14 00 – 14 30 Coffee break
14 30 – 15 45 Moderator: Dr. Evaldas Kazlauskas (Vilnius University, Lithuania)
Prof. Danutė Gailienė (Vilnius University, Lithuania) When Culture Fails: Coping with Cultural Trauma
Vsevolod Kalinenko, Ekaterina Slesareva (Moscow, Russia) Cheburashka (Topple) Complex: Dissociated Identity of the "New soviet man" in Post-soviet Russia
15 45 – 16 00 Break
16 00 – 17 15 Moderator: Elona Lovčikienė ( LAAP)
Ginta Teivane (Riga, Latvia) Latvian Historical Fairytales as a Source of Strenghtening the Masculine Energy in Jungian Analysis
Prof. Vykintas Vaitkevičius (Klaipėda University, Lithuania) Discovering Identity of the Lithuanian Partisans: History vs Narrative
17 15 – 17 45 Concert “Ugniavijas”
18 00 – 18 30 Book launch: Research in Analytical Psychology, Vol.1 (ed. by J. Cambray)
18 30 – 19 30 Reception (Vilnius University café)
Poster by Martine Cournoyer (Université du Québec Abitibi-Témiscamingue) The contribution of the art and the narrative in the identity building of a mother in the context of international adoption

12 May Saturday

09 00 – 10 30 Moderator: Gert Sauer (Freiburg, DGAP)
Prof. Verena Kast (St. Gallen University, Switzerland) Cultural Sensitivity in Supervision
Prof. Alessandra De Coro (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy) Can Psychotherapy Research be Useful for Analysts Education? A Short History of the Difficult Relationship between Analysis and Empirical Research
10 30 – 11 00 Coffee break
11 00 – 12 15 Moderator: Regina Renn (Berlin, DGAP)
Prof. Toshio Kawai (Kyoto University, Japan) The Prevalence of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and its Cultural and Contemporary Meaning: Psychotherapeutic Research
Dr. Marta Kotarba (Maria Grzegorzewska Academy, Warsaw, Poland) It Hurts not Only Body..- the Search for Soul of Young Women with Rheumatic Disease
12 20 -12 50 Moderator: Algirdas Petronis ( LAAP)
Prof. Eckhard Frick (Munich University, Germany) Fostering Spiritual Care Competency among Analysts – A Jungian Perspective
12 50 – 14 00 Lunch break
14 00 – 15 15 Moderator: Dr. Ieva Bieliauskienė (Vilnius University, Lithuania)
Dr. Evija Volfa Vestergaard (Washington D.C., USA) Please Sell Me a Dirt- Cheap Dragon: Trauma, Transformations, and Identity in Latvian Legends
Dr. Juliana Lozovska (Lund University, Sweden) Cultural Differences in Women‘s Anger and Aggression
15 15 – 15 45 Break
15 45 – 17 00 Moderator: Misser Berg (Copenhagen, DSAP)
Vera  Zabelina (Kemerovo, Russia) Multidimensional Cultural Identity in Siberia and Analytical Practice
Prof. Gražina Gudaitė (Vilnius University, Lithuania) Psychotherapy Research in the Context of Psychosocial Transformations
17 00 – 17 30 Closing of the conference
19 00 Gala dinner in Vilnius Old Town

 The participants who would like to give poster presentations on topics related to the conference theme should send the title and abstract (up to 300 words) to The deadline for submitting the proposals is 1 February 2018.

Conference venue: Vilnius University Theatre Hall (Universiteto st. 3, Vilnius)

PDF file of the Programme