Call for papers

Vilnius Hosts the First European Conference of Analytical Psychology

Dialogue at the Threshold between East and West:
Cultural Identity Past, Present and Future


On June 25-27, 2009 the First European Conference of Analytical Psychology will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania. The choice of Vilnius is particularly fitting since this city has been selected as the European Capital of Culture for 2009.

21 years have passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall and perhaps it is only now that we Europeans, both Eastern and Western, are beginning to come to terms with the full psychological and cultural implications of that momentous event.

From a Jungian perspective, it is becoming increasingly evident that political and cultural issues are relevant to the development of the self and in particular to all those aspects of the self that tend to be projected onto the culture, language, religion and history of the collective of different groups.

In order to facilitate exchanges and dialogue around these issues, the themes of the conference will be centered on the following topics:
-    Cultural history, its influence on family dynamics and personal identity
-    Founding myths of nations
-    Gender identity, roles, and dynamics in East and West Europe
-    Trauma: national, cultural, and personal
-    Working with trauma in analysis
-    Clinical practice in emerging areas

Although ideally the Program Committee of the Conference would have wished to provide translation for all the linguistic groups present, economic and practical realities dictate that the main language of the Conference will be English. However, papers may be delivered in the speaker's language of choice, provided that an English translation of the presentation is handed out to participants beforehand. Some translation from and into Lithuanian will be provided, but in general the various language groups will need to organize informal translation and interpretation for themselves during lectures and discussion periods.
Participants are invited to submit a proposal of up to 500 words. The proposal should include the full name(s) of the presenter(s), full mailing address(es), e-mail address(es) and contact tel. nos. with the international dialling code. Proposal should indicate the presenter’s IAAP status (member of a developing group, individual member, candidate or analyst) and the full name of the member society, DG, or country of origin in the case of individual members and Routers. The proposal should also indicate any technical needs, although the PC cannot necessarily guarantee the availability of such equipment. The proposals must be made in English.
All proposals should be forwarded by e-mail to Murray Stein and Angela Connolly by October 01, 2008. All submissions will be acknowledged within two weeks, and if no reply has been received the chairs should be contacted again. Decisions of the Program Committee will be sent out by January 15, 2009.

Program Committee: Angela Connolly (Co-Chair), Murray Stein (Co-Chair), Christian Gaillard, Grazina Gudaite, Marianne Mueller, Joerg Rasche, Jan Wiener
Sponsoring Organizations: Vilnius University, The Network for Analytical Psychology in Eastern Europe, The Lithuanian National Association for Analytical Psychology, The International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP), and The Swiss Society for Analytical Psychology (SGAP)