About us

 “Every soil has its secret, of which we carry an unconscious image in our souls: a relationship of spirit to body and of body to earth”


The Lithuanian Association of Analytical Psychology (LAAP) is an organization of Jungian Analysts. The Association was established in 2007. We, seven Jungian Analysts are founders of the Association and members of it. We all have practice with clients; some of us conduct analysis and give seminars for members of other study programs of Analytical Psychology; some of us are involved in the field of academic research.
Each one from our group has different story of becoming Jungian Analyst. There were no Jungian analysts in Lithuania at the beginning of analytical studies, and only after decade we had the first one. Therefore, the process of training combined studies, practice with clients, personal analysis in Lithuania and traineeships in other countries. Our candidates had their traineeships at the C. G. Jung Institutes of Chicago, Zurich, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, and Israel. They had supervisions on regular basis in Frankfurt, St. Petersburg, Berlin and went for seminars to Egypt and Freiburg.
The LAAP has constant relationship with the International Association for Analytical Psychology, which has contributed a lot for our members to pursue individual membership of the International Association. In Lithuania we have organized more than thirty seminars on Analytical Psychology, which were conducted by Analysts from different countries. From 1992 representatives of Lithuania take part in the World Congresses. In 2009 we will have an exceptional honor to organize the first European Conference of Analytical Psychology – “Dialogue at the Threshold between East and West: Cultural Identity Past, Present and Future”.
    We think that revealing and becoming aware of Cultural Identity is an important task of our time and a significant source of spiritual balance and strength. In a personal, as well as cultural sense, the relation to the Self is the most important condition for successful relationships and a subjective feeling of harmony to appear. We hope we can create the conditions for a dialogue between us and our clients, students, and guests.